Halfway through the NFL Season, what have we learned?

We just made it through week number 9 in the NFL, so it’s time to see how the league and teams are shaping up for the first half of the season.  Because some teams have played 9 games already, we will be looking at team averages per game in our comparisons.  Let’s determine who has had the most potent offense, and the stingiest defense, and see if that equates to wins and losses. 

The San Diego Chargers are averaging 420.2 yards per game, which puts them at number one in the league.  They are also number one in passing yards per game at 312.4, yet their record is only 4-5. 

The Carolina Panthers are last in total yards per game at only 244.4, and their record is 1-7.  They also are scoring the fewest points, averaging only 11 points per game.

The stingiest defense so far in 2010 has been the New York Giants, allowing 250.6 yards per game.  The Giants are currently 6-2.  They are number two in allowing the fewest passing yards per game, as well as number two in allowing the fewest rushing yards per game.

The Houston Texans are giving up the most yardage per game at 399.5, as well as the most passing yards per game at 298.2 yards.  Their record is 4-4.

The Tennessee Titans are averaging the most points per game at 28, and their record is 5-3.

The team allowing the fewest points per game is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They are allowing only 15.4 points per game and their record is 6-2.

The Buffalo Bills are allowing the most points per game at 29.1 points, as well as the most rushing yards per game at 178.2.  Because of this, their record is 0-8.

By the way, if the season ended with the current standings in the NFL, there would be at least 7 new teams in the playoffs that were not there in 2009.  Parity seems to have arrived in the NFL, as it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a dynasty.

As you can see by these simple stats above, scoring points, or not scoring points is more critical than the average yards gained per game by your team.  It also shows that the teams that had the better defensive stats (fewest yards allowed and fewest points allowed per game) had much better records than the teams that had the better offensive stats (most yards per game and most points per game).  The theory that a good defense wins games over a good offense (especially in the playoffs) seems to be holding true for the first half of the 2010 NFL season.  We will have to see if this trend continues throughout the rest of the season.

~ by Troy Erickson Realtor on November 9, 2010.

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