The Ultimate Fighter 12 – Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Quarter Finals

The Ultimate Fighter quarter finals fights were spread out over a two week period.  Team Georges St.-Pierre (GSP) had won 5 of 7 battles over Team Koscheck, but a Team Koscheck fighter was given a wild card opportunity to fight again, after an earlier loss.  Below are the results, as I look forward to the semi-finals of TUF12 tonight.

The Ultimate Fighter 12Jonathan Brookins (24, 6’0”, 72” reach, 11-2) Team GSP
vs Sako Chivitchian (Psycho) (26, 5’11”, 71” reach, 5-0) Team Koscheck

Jonathan went for a takedown early and got tied up against the fence.  He reversed his position and threw Sako down, then got on his back.  It took Jonathan about a minute to choke out Sako with a rear naked choke, at 2:54 left in round one.  Jonathan showed his wrestling expertise, and his excellent rear naked choke to move on to the semi-finals.

Cody McKenzie (22, 6’0”, 74” reach, 10-0) Team GSP
vs Nam Phan (27, 5’6”, 69” reach, 16-7) Team Koscheck

The Ultimate FighterCody came out swinging and went for a takedown early.  Nam defended the takedown, but was against the fence and taking some good knees.  Cody finally got a takedown at 3:40 and ended up with top control.  Nam got out with just under 3:00 to go.  Cody had Nam against the fence until 1:15.  Nam nailed Cody with 3 good right hands, and you could see Cody was already gassing by the end of the round.  Round 2 started with them both standing, throwing punches and kicks.  Nam was getting the best of the standup and finally finished Cody off with a left to the ribs, which dropped him at 2:08.  Cody was gassed, and Nam finished Cody off with another right to the head, and a TKO due to strikes.  Although Nam was outsized, he showed his experience and excellent boxing skills in finishing off Cody to advance.  

Kyle Watson (30, 6’0”, 70” reach, 13-6-1) Team GSP
vs Aaron Wilkinson (23, 5’11”, 72” reach, 6-3) Team Koscheck

The Ultimate FighterKyle came out with some leg kicks, and then took Aaron down.  Kyle stayed on top of Aaron until he showed his back and was choked out by a rear naked choke with 1:01 to go in the first round.  Aaron got up once, but was taken right back down and didn’t really look like he wanted to be there.  Kyle definitely showed his Brazilian jiu-jitsu and experience to dominate Aaron.

Michael Johnson (24, 5’11”, 71” reach, 8-4) Team GSP
vs Alex Caceres (Bruce Leroy) (21,  5’10”, 68” reach, 4-2) Team GSP

The Ultimate FighterThese two fighters did not like each other, so I was expecting a good fight.  Michael took control of center ring and took down Alex early, but Alex got back to his feet quickly.  Michael took Alex down again at 3:23, but Alex again got back to his feet quickly.  They exchanged some blows until Michael put Alex against the fence at 1:51.  Alex finally escaped with a little over a minute left, and was taken down one more time before the round ended.  Round 2 started with another takedown by Michael, followed by two more takedowns before the round ended.  Michael dominated the wrestling, but Alex fought hard when they were on their feet.  It was a unanimous decision that Michael Johnson won the fight, and he showed his strength, quickness, and takedown expertise.

The semi-finals are tonight on Spike TV, and I can’t wait to see who wins.  Jonathan Brookins (wrestling) will be taking on Kyle Watson (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) who has more octagon experience.  The second fight will be between Michael Johnson (wrestling, power and strength) and Nam Phan (martial arts and boxing), who is very undersized at 5’6″.  Nam does have more fighting experience.

~ by Troy Erickson Realtor on December 1, 2010.

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