The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Semi-Finals

Last nights Semi Finals on The Ultimate Fighter 12 was a battle of strength and heart.  Three fighters from Team Georges St-Pierre (GSP), and one fighter from Team Koscheck remained.  Here’s how the action went down:

The Ultimate Fighter 12 FinalJonathan Brookins (24, 6’0”, 72” reach, 11-2) Team GSP
vs Kyle Watson (30, 6’0”, 70” reach, 13-6-1) Team GSP

Kyle and Jonathan stood toe to toe early in the first round and then Jonathan took Kyle down with just under 4 minutes to go.  Kyle got back up, but was against the cage for almost a minute.  Jonathan took Kyle down again around 2:30 and had Kyle against the cage where not much happened until the last 30 seconds.  Jonathan landed some good blows and elbows while in dominant position to end the round.

Jonathan shot early and got another takedown less than 30 seconds into round two.  The fight remained on the ground for the rest of the round, as Kyle could not escape.  Jonathan continued to remain in dominant position, but was only landing strikes on occassion.

More of the same continued in round three, as Jonathan put Kyle against the cage and took him down at 3:40, and again at 2:08, where it stayed for the rest of the match.  Again, Jonathan remained on top, but didn’t do a lot of damage.

Kyle was actually better on his feet with his strikes and kicks, but he just couldn’t keep the fight there.  It was total domination on the ground by Jonathan, as Kyle was unable to defend the takedown, escape, or use any of his BJJ skills to even attempt any submissions.

Michael Johnson (24, 5’11”, 71” reach, 8-4) Team GSP
vs Nam Phan (27, 5’6”, 69” reach, 16-7) Team Koscheck

The Ultimate Fighter 12 FinalIn the first round, Michael had some quick take downs of Nam.  His first one was in the first 15 seconds of the match, but Nam bounced up with no real damage.  Nam was focusing on his kicks, but only using his right leg the entire time.  Michael was at his best when pushing Nam against the cage and using his uppercut.  He also had 3 takedowns in round one, but didn’t seem real comfortable once he got on top.

The second round had both fighters on their feet almost the entire 5 minutes.  Michael Johnson was the aggressor, and was connecting with his strikes and uppercut when he got Nam against the cage.  Nam got in some heavy blows and a knee to the body that started to slow Michael down.  Nam continued to kick with his right leg while Michael only threw one kick the entire round.  Michael finished the last 30 seconds strong to try and steal the round.

Michael listened to GSP and took Nam down again to start the third round, but he took several elbows to the head in the process.  Nam stayed down for almost a minute, but no real damage was done.  On their feet again, they exchanged blows for over a minute, with Michael being the aggressor.  Michael took Nam down again at 2:25, but Nam was back up by 2:17.  Both fighters stayed on their feet and exchanged blows the remainder of the fight.

Personally, I believe Michael was stronger on his feet, using his reach to throw punches and using his legs for kicks to keep his distance from Nam.  The attempted takedowns were really tiring Michael out, and gave Nam a chance, as he was in phenomenal condition.  The fight ended in a split decision for Michael Johnson.

I can’t wait for The Ultimate Fighter final this Saturday at the Palms in Las Vegas on Spike TV.  Jonathan Brookins will be taking on Michael Johnson for the Ultimate Fighter 12 Lightweight Championship, plus many other bouts.  The Ultimate Fighter 12 winner gets a six figure contract with the UFC.  Wish I could be there in person.

~ by Troy Erickson Realtor on December 2, 2010.

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