UFC 136 Prelims – Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago

The UFC 136 prelims had a middleweight fight between Demian Maia and Jorge Santiago.  Demian Maia (14-3-0) had won 5 of his 8 UFC victories by submission, and is a feared grappler who has deadly submissions.  He has worked hard on his striking and his conditioning to make him a more well-rounded fighter.  Jorge “The SandmanSantiago (23-9-0) – has won 11 of his last 13 fights and is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He has good kicks, ground and pound, and striking.

UFC Middleweight Demian MaiaRound one saw both fighters beginning by throwing some heavy strikes. About a minute and a half into the fight, Demian Maia stepped in and got a takedown of Jorge Santiago.  Santiago was able to get back to his feet, and got Maia in a clinch against the fence.  They separated with just under two and a half minutes left and began exchanging blows again.  Maia landed a right hook that shook Santiago back against the fence briefly.  As Maia closed in for a takedown, he ran into a flying knee that fortunately landed more on his shoulder or the fight could have ended right then.  Maia ended up getting the takedown, and stayed on top of Santiago the remainder of the round.  Maia was only able to shell out limited damage, but Santiago spent a lot of time on his back.

UFC Middleweight Jorge SantiagoSantiago starts off strong in round two with several leg kicks.  They exchange punches, then get into a clinch with three minutes left.  Maia takes Santiago down from the clinch and starts landing some strikes, none of them too punishing.  Maia again finishes the rest of round two on top of Santiago, while he lay helpless, unable to escape from his back.

Again Santiago is the aggressor to start round three, but he gets caught in another clinch against the fence.  They separate and Maia goes for another takedown.  Still on their feet, Maia ends up in control from Santiago’s back with three and a half minutes left in the round.  Maia finally gets another takedown after working hard to secure it for about a minute.  Maia ends up doing some more damage to Santiago from top position until the fight ends.

Maia dominated the grappling and ground game, and ended up with the unanimous decision 30-27 from all three judges.  Although he didn’t get the submission, this should put Maia in good position to fight a top middleweight contender soon.

~ by Troy Erickson Realtor on October 10, 2011.

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