TUF 14 – The Ultimate Fighter Preliminary Results

The Ultimate Fighter 14 saw the first bantamweights and featherweights attempt to win a six figure contract to fight in the UFC.  This was a very skillful and tactical season that saw some great fights.  There were good knockouts and quality submissions throughout the show.  Below are the results of the preliminary fights from TUF 14 The Finale.

Bantamweight Fight:  Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot (5-1) vs “Brutal” Johnny Bedford (17-10-1)

UFC Bantamweight Johnny BedfordBedford got a takedown early in round one, and put the much shorter Gaudinot against the cage.  Gaudinot got to his feet, but Bedford maintained control and eventually secured another takedown.  Bedford transitioned right away to full mount, without much effort, and began reigning punches and elbows on Gaudinot, which opened up a cut over his left eye.  Gaudinot was doing nothing but trying to protect his face, and gave up his back to avoid more punishment.  As they move against the cage, Gaudinot rolled back over on his back, and Bedford immediately took full mount again.  Gaudinot was lucky to survive the round as Bedford dominated on the ground.

UFC Bantamweight Louis GaudinotTo begin round two, Gaudinot tried to utilize kicks to keep distance between him and Bedford, but Bedford closed the gap and secured another takedown.  Gaudinot got to his feet, but Bedford connected with heavy punches before taking Gaudinot down again.  With Gaudinot in half guard, Bedford took his time to be precise, and used effective strikes to the body and head to punish Gaudinot.  Bedford moved to full mount again, and continued to use elbows and punches to wear Gaudinot down.  Bedford eventually attempted an armbar submission with 20 seconds left, but Gaudinot held on.  Gaudinot spent almost the entire second round on his back as Bedford dominated.

Bedford started off with a couple of good knees, then a body shot, as they fought on their feet for the first minute of the final round.  Gaudinot connected with a spinning back fist, but Bedford responded with a series of brutal punches to the body that dropped Gaudinot.  Bedford then put Gaudinot against the fence and starts delivering vicious knees to Gaudinot’s body until referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight at 1:58 in the third round.  Gaudinot showed good heart to last as long as he did, but was obviously overmatched.  Bedford wins by TKO.

Lightweight Fight:  Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson (13-2) vs Yves Edwards (41-17-1)

UFC Lightweight Tony FergusonBoth fighters started this fight tentative, throwing jabs and feeling each other out.  Ferguson then connected with three solid leg kicks that Edwards didn’t even try to defend.  Ferguson was using kicks more than Edwards, until Edwards connected with a head kick.  He followed that with a good stiff left to Ferguson’s chin.  Later, Edwards nailed Ferguson with an uppercut that landed right on his chin, but Ferguson countered with a short right to Edwards’ ear that rocked him.  Ferguson became more aggressive and rocked Edwards again with a left uppercut, then two solid right hands.  Ferguson tried to finish the fight with a flurry of heavy blows, but as he began to gas, Edwards connected with a serious head kick that stunned Ferguson.  After a wild exchange, Edwards shot for a rare takedown, and then Ferguson rolled and attempted an omoplata submission as round one ended.

UFC Lightweight Yves EdwardsBoth fighters started round two exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.  Edwards connected with a right that knocked Ferguson’s head back.  He followed up with a leg kick that dropped Ferguson to a knee, but he immediately stood back up.  Edwards connected on a flying knee as he had become more aggressive this round.  The pace began to slow a bit in the middle of the round, as they continued to exchange blows mainly in the center of the ring.  Edwards connected with a good left, just as Ferguson was changing to southpaw stance.  Ferguson countered with a good left of his own.  With the round winding down, Edwards went for another takedown, but this time it was stuffed easily by Ferguson.  As the round ended, Ferguson wound up taking Edwards down.

The final round began with both fighters exchanging blows and kicks.  Ferguson landed a good body kick as Edwards continued to defend, counter, and use leg kicks.  Ferguson began using head kicks and continued to use his jab effectively.  Edwards then landed another head kick, and then another.  Both fighters spent the entire third round standing, as they continued to exchange blows and kicks.  They both showed good fighting and striking technique, as well as defense throughout the fight.  The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 declaring Tony Ferguson the winner by unanimous decision.

Bantamweight Fight:  Dustin Pague (10-4) vs John “Prince” Albert (6-1)

UFC Bantamweight John AlbertBoth fighters didn’t wast any time, as they came out swinging big.  After exchanging blows, Albert connected with a solid left hook to the ear of Pague, followed by a right to the chin that knocked him to the ground.  Albert immediately got on top of Pague and threw down some hammer fists.  He put Pague in a gift wrap (Pague’s right arm is wrapped around his own neck, and is held there by Alberts left arm around Pagues head).  Pague couldn’t intelligently defend himself against the barrage of right hands Albert was throwing.  Pague had to tap out at 1:09 in the very first round, declaring John Albert the winner by TKO.

Other results from The Ultimate Fighter 14 fight card:

Featherweight: Marcus  Brimage (3-1) vs. Stephen Bass (10-0)

Brimage defeated Bass via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Bantamweight: Roland Delorme (6-1) vs. Josh Ferguson (8-3)

Delorme defeated Ferguson in a submission via rear-naked choke at 0:22 in round 3

Featherweight: Steven Siler (18-9) vs. Josh Clopton (6-0-1)

Siler defeated Clopton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight: Bryan Caraway (15-5) vs. Dustin Neace (23-17-1)

Caraway defeated Neace in a submission via rear-naked choke at 3:38 in round 2

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